AZ-Armaturen’s Type Cartridge Plug Valve with replaceable cartridge design ensures optimal operation with the option of replacing the seat arrangement in the original place – this assists with effective and fast on- the-go maintenance.

The aligning pins safeguards the replacement of the cartridge, preventing incorrect installation or misalignment during maintenance.

This design incorporates all the benefits of our tried and tested plug valves, such as, plug adjustment, bubble-tight shut-off with the added benefit of a trouble-free replacement.

Main Advantages of AZ-Armaturen Type Cartridge:

  • Cavity free design
  • Maintenance free and self-lubricating
  • Fast and effective replacement of seating arrangement
  • Coded mounting position
  • Casted or forged options available
  • Full Bore Design available
  • Cost saving
  • No special tooling required for maintenance
  • Customizable connection ends

AZ-Armaturen offers various outlet types, body materials, sealing arrangements, valve automation and special accessories to suit different applications.

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